Pants on the ground remix

What most likely will haunt us when we can’t get the song out of our heads, you get the remix to plague you even further!

Great remix from American Idol auditions of 60 something year old guy singing his own song. I guess they let someone like that appear in front of the judges just for the comic relief?

Twilight must die

I  admit I’ve seen the first two movies and read the books because I was curious.  I do that with a lot of movies that have books, I will either read the book and see the movie or vice versa.  However, the frenzy over Twilight is getting so out of hand that now the town from the book is getting a reality show because of the books and movie! Where is Blade or even Buffy when you need them!

Thanks to IO9 for the link.

The Known Universe- Video showing are truly unimportant our existence is

This video shows the Known Universe and really reminds us how small and unimportant we are in the grand scheme of things. I’m a sucker for these types of videos, always makes me wonder if we will actually achieve faster than light travel like we have seen in a lot of scifi. Of course not in our lifetime but you never know. So if anyone needs me I’ll be in the corner rocking myself to sleep trying not to think that the human race is less then a flea on a dog’s ass. Merry Christmas!

Thanks to my hero Geekologie where I found the video.

Rocker chick tells BofA to go F**K themselves!

Of course after Bank of America got wind of this video they resolved her issue to placate her. However, the damage has been done and I bet more people will follow suit and tell the CC companies to shove it! At least that’s what I’m going to tell them when they call that or just pick up the phone and hang it back up! I’m joking, I’m not in debt, well unless you count the money I own my bookie and he didn’t like it when I sent him the video instead of paying him. Oh I’m fine just a few broken bones**.

found via Dvorak blog

**just joking!

My PS3 Avatar

Just playing around with the PS3 home on the PSNetwork. I always forget it exists since I use it so little. What’s sad is while it has it’s drawbacks on the interaction within it, it still exceeds the XBox360 interface with the greater ability to interact with people outside of a game (I mean more then just voice/video chatting). It has so many activities you can do and it’s almost edging towards a sims like existence with more work done to the interface. I’m not actually going to be on the lookout for their next event so I can jump online and check it out! In the meantime, here is my avatar getting jiggy.

Someone shot the Palm Pre creepy chick!

Well in a movie that is. I know nothing of this movie September Dawn. However looking up some info on it, it’s supposed to be a romantic western but I watched the five minute clip and it just looks really corny and overall not good lol. The only bright side it the creepy Palm Pre girl gets whacked at the 3:01 mark. As I said it plays very corny and not a movie I would want to watch from the clip but seeing the Palm Pre girl got shot is pretty funny. Remember kids, I’m not violent nor would want any real violence to come to that actress but we can all take a little amusement by her acting skills.

Thanks to Gizmodo, that’s where I found this gem. The girl’s name is Tamara Hope