Twilight must die

I  admit I’ve seen the first two movies and read the books because I was curious.  I do that with a lot of movies that have books, I will either read the book and see the movie or vice versa.  However, the frenzy over Twilight is getting so out of hand that now the town from the book is getting a reality show because of the books and movie! Where is Blade or even Buffy when you need them!

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The Known Universe- Video showing are truly unimportant our existence is

This video shows the Known Universe and really reminds us how small and unimportant we are in the grand scheme of things. I’m a sucker for these types of videos, always makes me wonder if we will actually achieve faster than light travel like we have seen in a lot of scifi. Of course not in our lifetime but you never know. So if anyone needs me I’ll be in the corner rocking myself to sleep trying not to think that the human race is less then a flea on a dog’s ass. Merry Christmas!

Thanks to my hero Geekologie where I found the video.

My PS3 Avatar

Just playing around with the PS3 home on the PSNetwork. I always forget it exists since I use it so little. What’s sad is while it has it’s drawbacks on the interaction within it, it still exceeds the XBox360 interface with the greater ability to interact with people outside of a game (I mean more then just voice/video chatting). It has so many activities you can do and it’s almost edging towards a sims like existence with more work done to the interface. I’m not actually going to be on the lookout for their next event so I can jump online and check it out! In the meantime, here is my avatar getting jiggy.

Long before the Marvel/Disney merger there was this

Craig Yoe did a book called “The Art of Mickey Mouse” and one of his contributors was Jack Kirby who should be known to anyone who knows Marvel comics but just in case you can go here. He helped create the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, and the list goes on.

Craig Yoe, based on the news of the merger posted the image used for his book of a superhero version of Mickey Mouse that I think fits perfectly with all the disney/marvel mashups that have been tweeted over the last two days.

Craig Yoe’s post


What happen to the great days of Real Music feuds

Ya I know I’m not right on point with this but having had it finally caught my attention. What the hell happen, we used to have real music feuds where people had fear of getting shot or were actually shot (not that it is a good thing mind you). Days when you had

Notorious B.I.G. vs. Tupac Shakur

Or more recently Suge Knight vs. Snopp Dogg

Now what are we left with Eminem vs. Mariah Carey, seriously? sad just sad. Eminem taking on Mariah and her bitch boy Nick Cannon is like an NFL tackle going against two kids in peewee football.  Check out the jump for YouTube clips of Eminem’s 1st song, Mariah’s response, and Eminem’s latest response.
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First impression of Arkham Asylum Demo

I’ve been very excited seeing all the videos and artwork for this game. Everything looks great. I love how they used the old school Joker persona that is both very evil and sinister yet still funny. He is very similar to the version they used in the MK vs. DC Mortal Kombat game. When the demo came available Friday I downloaded it that night and got a chance to play it through. It definitely is fun and I actually do like the combat. Though in the demo it is a bit limited so I’ll have to wait and see how the overall combat plays when it is released.

The only complaint I have so far is in the camera. It seems a bit slow and not very quick to respond and if you don’t constantly manage it, can cause frustration as you move around. Not to mention the grapple hook is both cool and a bit cheap. You get spotted and can simply jump around on a few perches to be lost by dumb NPCs. The other complaint I have is the inability to jump. I guess I need to reserve my judgment till I see the full game, which I will absolutely be getting, collectors addition with an F*ing batarang, hell ya! So overall, it does seem like it will be very fun just a few minor complaints that may become more annoying when I play the full game but still looking forward to it!

Link to Gamestop for Collectors Edition

Here is a picture of what you get:

batarang hell ya!

batarang hell ya!

Touchable Holograms

So how long before this adapted for porn? A few weeks, yep that is what I think too. Researchers in the University of Tokyo have created holograms that can be touched and moved by people. Very cool, who knows what this could lead to. You can read the whole story here