Rocker chick tells BofA to go F**K themselves!

Of course after Bank of America got wind of this video they resolved her issue to placate her. However, the damage has been done and I bet more people will follow suit and tell the CC companies to shove it! At least that’s what I’m going to tell them when they call that or just pick up the phone and hang it back up! I’m joking, I’m not in debt, well unless you count the money I own my bookie and he didn’t like it when I sent him the video instead of paying him. Oh I’m fine just a few broken bones**.

found via Dvorak blog

**just joking!

Someone shot the Palm Pre creepy chick!

Well in a movie that is. I know nothing of this movie September Dawn. However looking up some info on it, it’s supposed to be a romantic western but I watched the five minute clip and it just looks really corny and overall not good lol. The only bright side it the creepy Palm Pre girl gets whacked at the 3:01 mark. As I said it plays very corny and not a movie I would want to watch from the clip but seeing the Palm Pre girl got shot is pretty funny. Remember kids, I’m not violent nor would want any real violence to come to that actress but we can all take a little amusement by her acting skills.

Thanks to Gizmodo, that’s where I found this gem. The girl’s name is Tamara Hope

What happen to the great days of Real Music feuds

Ya I know I’m not right on point with this but having had it finally caught my attention. What the hell happen, we used to have real music feuds where people had fear of getting shot or were actually shot (not that it is a good thing mind you). Days when you had

Notorious B.I.G. vs. Tupac Shakur

Or more recently Suge Knight vs. Snopp Dogg

Now what are we left with Eminem vs. Mariah Carey, seriously? sad just sad. Eminem taking on Mariah and her bitch boy Nick Cannon is like an NFL tackle going against two kids in peewee football.  Check out the jump for YouTube clips of Eminem’s 1st song, Mariah’s response, and Eminem’s latest response.
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Looking at these pics, I have to ask, Megan Who?

finally got around to looking at the pictures of Christina Hendricks and wow why isn’t she more popular or at least talked about more. Absolutely stunning

So hot!

So hot!

You can see the rest of her pictures and interview at Esquire – Damn this will be the first issues of this magazine I have ever gotten, excuse me while I wipe the drool off the keyboard.
Hit the jump for the rest of the pics

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Mario and the Princess Sex Tape

Due to language NSFW

Nothing sexier then pixelated characters getting it on. It was only a matter of time, we all knew what they were doing when we turned off the game. My only question is where was Luigi?
Ahh nevermind, found him, poor bastard. His brother gets the princess and he gets ghosts.
luigis mansion

Only College Humor would come up with this!