Is this cursed computer day

Just one of those days that seems you can’t accomplish anything you intended due to urgent issues that pop up. Had several crashed computers and a number of other people all needing urgent attention. Not that I mind working but it’s like it all waited till today to go wrong. Couldn’t even catch up on my web surfing today lol. Anyone else have that kind of day today or just me?

Your own Magic Mirror

I want one! It will be put in my bedroom so it can tell me how horrible handsome I look. Of course those awkward times I’d have to cover him up, no one needs to see that. No magic mirror that kleenex is there because I have runny nose damn you, shut up or I’ll break you. Oh crap he has taken over all the mirrors. Help me. Nevermind, baseball bat and I win, screw the bad luck it brings, those bastards deserved it!

The DIY Magic Mirror via Hacked Gadgets