What happen to the great days of Real Music feuds

Ya I know I’m not right on point with this but having had it finally caught my attention. What the hell happen, we used to have real music feuds where people had fear of getting shot or were actually shot (not that it is a good thing mind you). Days when you had

Notorious B.I.G. vs. Tupac Shakur

Or more recently Suge Knight vs. Snopp Dogg

Now what are we left with Eminem vs. Mariah Carey, seriously? sad just sad. Eminem taking on Mariah and her bitch boy Nick Cannon is like an NFL tackle going against two kids in peewee football.  Check out the jump for YouTube clips of Eminem’s 1st song, Mariah’s response, and Eminem’s latest response.

Note, Bagpipes from Baghdad, this isn’t the real video as there is not one just someone who edited several videos and attached the music for this song to that edit.

Here is the link to Mariah’s video Obsessed because she is too cheap to allow it be embedded in other sites, I’m with Eminem, whore.

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