Twilight must die

I  admit I’ve seen the first two movies and read the books because I was curious.  I do that with a lot of movies that have books, I will either read the book and see the movie or vice versa.  However, the frenzy over Twilight is getting so out of hand that now the town from the book is getting a reality show because of the books and movie! Where is Blade or even Buffy when you need them!

Thanks to IO9 for the link.

Is this cursed computer day

Just one of those days that seems you can’t accomplish anything you intended due to urgent issues that pop up. Had several crashed computers and a number of other people all needing urgent attention. Not that I mind working but it’s like it all waited till today to go wrong. Couldn’t even catch up on my web surfing today lol. Anyone else have that kind of day today or just me?